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Tackling the effects of

Covid-19 across the globe

CCV Global is one of largest Covid-19 volunteering networks in the world, and has been recognised by the United Nations, the OECD, and the UK Government for its work in communities across the globe during the Coronavirus pandemic. Scroll down to learn more about our mission, what we do, and where we work.



From village group to worldwide organisation

Coronavirus Community Volunteering (CCV) was set up by Rory Moore, a 20-year-old student from a rural village in the United Kingdom. Rory was concerned that not all those who were vulnerable would have family or friends who could support them with day-to-day activities like grocery shopping or having a chat over the phone.


Initially, he encouraged his friends to deliver a leaflet he had designed to houses in his village offering to help with basic tasks. The movement quickly gathered pace, spreading to other towns and cities across the UK. Many of Rory's international friends told him that there was a need for a similar community volunteering organisation where they lived, and from then on CCV started to expand across Europe and beyond. Today, CCV has connections in over 40 countries across the world attracted international acclaim.



CCV aims to democratise access to volunteering services. What does that mean?

We strongly believe that, faced with the worst public health challenge challenge in over a century, everyone should be able to access the help they need.


CCV's innovative approach tackles the inequalities in access to such assistance - what we call the "postcode lottery". Most volunteering groups operate using traditional methods, such as leafletting or Facebook groups. This means that vulnerable people living in one area may have better access to volunteering services than those elsewhere.


Through our app, CCV is able to level the playing field: we partner with organisations at a local level and integrate their volunteers into our digital volunteering infrastructure. By doing this, we increase the chances that someone who downloads our app will be matched with a volunteer who can help them. 

In short, we harness technology to try and make sure everyone has an equal chance of getting the help they need during this challenging time.




Volunteering network

Through our partnerships with volunteering groups around the world, we have built a network of

volunteers across 40 countries.

These volunteers, using our app,

assist those who are vulnerable

and self-isolating with basic tasks 

such as grocery shopping, 

delivering medicines, or simply chatting over the phone to prevent loneliness. 

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Partnerships with community groups

We work with community

organisations across the world, 

equipping them with the tools for volunteering projects and 

promoting important fundraising causes. These partnerships also 

help us integrate more volunteers

into our network, meaning we can help people in a nearby area 

where no volunteering 

infrastructure exists.

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Developing innovative solutions to the challenges of isolation

We have worked hard to design an app which matches volunteers with those who need help. Available in over 20 languages, the app allows us to connect an existing local 

volunteering network (e.g. in a town), with those who need help in a nearby area but don't have access to volunteers.



Our projects aim to realise our mission: ensuring everyone gets the help they need

Covid-19 is a truly global challenge, and so our response must be global too. From Australia to Austria, Bangladesh to Brazil, Canada to Colombia, and in many other places in between, our volunteers are making a difference. We work in 40 countries across six continents, partnering with organisations who can then use our digital volunteering infrastructure to optimise their work and assist larger numbers of vulnerable people.