Frequently asked questions

The number of coronavirus cases in my country has decreased, lockdown has ended, and things are back to normal. What’s the point of CCV Global?

CCV Global has partners in 40 countries across six continents and the situation is different in different places. Even if restrictions are being eased, people who are vulnerable may still not want to risk going out, and if a country's lockdown restrictions have been eased, it is actually easier for volunteers to get out and help those who need assistance. Also, if there are further spikes in cases then having the volunteer infrastructure in place will ensure we can respond immediately and make sure we help out those who are vulnerable. 

There are so many volunteering organisations around the world who are already helping people in their community, so how is CCV Global different?

Our approach, which aims to democratise access to volunteering, involves partnering with community groups around the world in order to help them assit more people. We strongly believe that, faced with the worst public health challenge challenge in over a century, everyone should be able to access the help they need.


Through our innovative digital volunteering infrastructure, we seek to "level the playing field" and put an end to the "postcode lottery" in provision of volunteering services. To do this, we partner with organisations at a local level and integrate their volunteers into our network, which then means that they can help others nearby who may not have access to volunteers.

My country has a volunteering programme which is run by the government. Why do we need CCV Global?

We recognise that different countries have different systems in place: where there is a fully-functioning, successful programme implemented by the central government, such as in the United Kingdom, we encourage people to get involved through the existing infrastructure. However, the reality is that many countries do not have a strong volunteering infrastructure in place, and that's where CCV Global can make the biggest impact.

What will happen with CCV Global when the coronavirus pandemic is over?

Looking to the future, in a post-Covid world, there will still be a need for volunteering at a community level. Preventing loneliness by regularly speaking to an elderly person or helping your vulnerable neighbour with their shopping will both be equally important when the pandemic is over. 


What CCV has been able to do is innovate, through the creation of an app which matches volunteers with those in need, as well as facilitating impactful community projects at a local level. This innovation, coupled with inspiring many to volunteer for the first time, will ensure that we have a legacy that outlasts the Covid-19 struggle.