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Our impact

Our volunteers have been working hard to tackle the effects of Covid-19 across the globe. Click below to read about some examples of our impact.

Tackling the difficulties of self-isolation

Kerela, India

CCV Global has worked with a community organiser, Ajin Abraham, in the Indian state of Kerala. Through this partnership, we helped to implement a State Government campaign called "Break the Chain". We provided advice, resources, and fundraising support to construct hand sanitising stations around Alappuzha district.


The BtC campaign also distributed over 5,000 food parcels, delivered face masks to healthcare workers and police, and set up a telephone counselling service for those quarantining at home.


Ajin has since used his network to encourage others across India to carry out similar projects. This shows how our partnerships allow us to make a difference on the ground, in turn encouraging further volunteering projects.

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Building community partnerships

Dhaka, Bangladesh

We partnered with one of the largest volunteering groups in Bangladesh which was already conducting Covid-related volunteering activities, but through traditional methods of Facebook groups and written community lists of those in need.

By rolling out our digital infrastructure to their 20,000 volunteers across Bangladesh, the organisation was able to increase their impact and reach people who they had not previously known about.

This shows how our innovative approach levels the playing field when it comes to access to assistance. Just using traditional methods would have meant that fewer vulnerable individuals would have been helped.

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Connecting communities through innovation

Touba, Senegal

The app we have developed is available in 20+ languages, helping us to connect volunteers with those who need help. This is particularly important where no national volunteering infrastructure is in place.

For instance, our app is available in Senegal and is providing the first platform for community volunteering coordinated on a national level. The app is available in both French and Wolof, the main languages spoken in Senegal. 

By providing an innovative digital solution to the challenges of isolation, we have been able to ensure that many vulnerable people continue to receive food and medicine deliveries thorough the pandemic thanks to our volunteers. We have also connected those who are lonely with young people, who then engage in conversation over the phone.

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Empowering local action

Medellin, Colombia

In Colombia, we worked a charity which had previously worked to tackle loneliness but not been directly involved in Covid-related work. 


We equipped them with the digital volunteering infrastructure that we had developed, and they started to encourage their members to help vulnerable people who were staying at home with basic tasks such as doing shopping or taking pets for a walk.

This shows how we empowered individuals and communities to take action in direct response to the challenges posed by Covid-19. Our approach of working with organisations on the ground that already have the know-how, simply providing them with a digital solution, has ensured that we have been able to "spread countless acts of voluntary kindness", according to the UK Prime Minister.